St. De La Salle Award for Commendable Service on 2012

st-de-la-salle2012The St. De La Salle Award is given to faculty members who have served Assumption University as lecturers for more than twenty-five years. These faculty members have made invaluable contributions to the teaching profession and have maintained high standards of excellence in their profession.

They have displayed exemplary attitude and professionalism for younger members of the University to emulate. Most importantly, they have been committed to the development of the total being of students academically, emotionally and morally.
On December 24, 2012, Assumption University is pleased to confer the St. De La Salle Award on 3 Arts faculty member who deserve to be recognized for the long years of commendable service to the University as follows:





- Mrs. Soontareeya Duangratana Department of General Education


- Mrs. Malinee Chanvipas Department of Business Chiness


- Mrs. Nanta Thongtaweewattana Department of General Education