Vision and Mission


A faculty of high academic standing known for its excellence in language education for business, culture and research with:

  • qualified and dedicated lecturers
  • capable and determined students
  • state-of-the-art courses and technologies
  • international teaching environment.

The faculty envisions its graduates to be:

  • professionally competent, able to communicate effectively with people from other nations and to participate in globalization through their facility as bilinguals and their deep knowledge of other cultures,
  • responsible leaders for economic progress in a just society, both in their exercise of citizenship and in their business activities,
  • flexible and compassionate persons who clearly live by their personal values, dare to think for themselves, and respond to new situations innovatively.


Enabling students:

  • To acquire business language skills, Thai and foreign, for reading, writing and communicating
  • To learn how to mutually appreciate and share cultural values with people of other nations
  • To be professionally competent business people capable of responsible business leadership for economic progress and prosperity of the country