Arts Research and Academic Service Center

-To provide academic services in various forms including language training and assessments, short diploma courses in language for business, translation and interpretation services in response to the growing needs of English and other well-regarded foreign languages in the global contexts and for the upcoming ASEAN community.
-To support the production of research and academic works by Arts lecturers in an effective way by providing research training, workshops and seminars.
-To serve as a research resource and network center which leads to a research environment that provides the opportunity for all lecturers, students and other stakeholders to fully utilize their potential through research works.

Contact: Arts Research and Academic Service Center
Cathedral of Learning (CL) 11th, Suvarnabhumi Campus
Tel. 02-723-2633 or 02 723-2431 (K. Nus)

Service Fees
1. Language Training Course = 1,200 -1,500 baht per hour
(conditioning upon number of students, venues, number of hours, etc.)
2. Translation (English, Japanese, Chinese, French) = 1,000 – 1,500 per page (Maximum words per page = 250)
3. Language Proofreading (English, Japanese, Chinese, French)
= 100 -200 baht per page (Maximum words per page = 250)
4. Interpretation (English, Japanese, Chinese, French) (as agreed on a case by case basis)
5. Other forms of academic services