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Hall of Fame

Academic Year 2019

Chinese Speech Contest 2020

The Department of Business Chinese organized Chinese Speech Contests on November 18, 2019, and January 22, 2020, in order to encourage students to use the Chinese language more fluently. There were 24 students participating in this contest. The winners of the Chinese Speech Contest 2020 are:

       1. Ms. Adipa Suwannachad (1st Prize)

       2. Ms. Punyawee Saikaew (1st Runner-up)

       3. Mr. Chokyawat Phaisalchanakit and Ms. Chutikarn Inganuraksakul (2nd Runner-up)


 4. Ms. Supattra Mongkholdejkhun, Ms. Nipaporn Inkamma, Mr. Vorawit Kheedking, 

           Mr. Erdem Sennur, Mr. Poolsilp Panpakdeedisakul and Ms. Kanyarat Ratanasaovapak (Commendable Prizes)

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