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Knowledge Management Report 2014​

Language for the Community: The Promotion of Local Tourism in Sukhanthawas Community



The project has been undertaken consecutively for its second year under the General Education course named GE1404 Thai Culture and Traditions by A. Jaruwan Puangmalee. The objective of the project “Language for Sukhanthawas Community” is to render services in terms of the promotion of local tourism and to apply knowledge and experience from academic services to the teaching, learning and research.


The project was beneficial for all participants since students, lecturers and local community were connected directly through the Community Based learning approach that helped students to gain a rich experience from combining hands-on work in the community with academic frameworks provided by coursework across the curriculum.


Overall, the survey has found a generally positive result for “Language for Community: the promotion of Local Tourism in Sukhanthawas Community with good satisfaction of the users. Besides, the finding is integrated with GE1404 Thai culture and Traditions curriculum for semester 2/2014.


Language Project for the Community:

English Training at Pakkongchudyai School


The Teacher Training for Pakklongchuadyai School was a continuous project from last year’s. This time, under the supervision of Business English lecturers, GL1101 Elements for Spoken Language students were asked to help teach English pronunciation to school pupils from grades 1-6. Teaching materials and stationery were given to the School as teaching and learning tools. School teachers had a chance to make a class observation as well. The project shows that the Faculty of Arts, its faculty members, and students can help improve the quality of teaching and learning at the School for sustainable development. The level of service users’ satisfaction is 4.50. A continuous and long-term project is needed to help Pakkongchudyai School teachers and students in language skill development.



St. Louis School’s Oral English Assessment

From November 10-12, 2014, Dr. Sureepong, Arts lecturers and students were requested to administer the oral English proficiency test for St. Louis School Chacheongsao students. This is the second assessment. All St. Louis School students were assessed on their oral English proficiency. The results show that the students somewhat improve their English communication skills (grammar, interaction, and subject knowledge) from the first assessment.  The School administrator was satisfied with the service provided. For the evaluation feedback from the service recipients, the average score of 4.31 out of 5.00 was given. The school is interested in continuing this project for the next academic year, but this depends on the budget and time availability. A research project is under way as a result of conducting this oral English assessment.

Research Training on Writing Research Projects

The training emphasizes how to write research and academic papers for publication. Positive feedback was given from the participants as they could see writing moves in doing so and present the topics and gaps or arguments in their areas of interest. This resulted in the extract of the participants’ knowledge from the training to producing potential research proposal topics. For the evaluation feedback from the participants, the average score of 4.40 out of 5.00 was given. Continuous training is recommended to monitor progress of the participants in the areas being trained.

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