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—  Dr. Jaruwan Puangmalee

Chairperson, Department of General Education

About Us

'General Education Courses' refer to courses which focus on the total development of a human person who:


  1. possesses broad knowledge

  2. understands and sees the value of oneself, others, society, art and culture, and nature

  3. cares for the changes around oneself

  4. develops oneself continuously

  5. lives under moral and ethical principles

  6. is ready to help one's fellowmen

  7. is a worthy citizen of Thailand and the world


General Education courses can be offered as individual courses or integrated courses which integrate content in social science, humanities, language, science and mathematics.



A Glimpse of What We Offer

GE 1101 - Thai Civilization

Foundation and evolution of the Thai race from prehistoric, and historical periods in the Sukhothai, Ayudhaya, Thonburi, and Rattanakosin periods. Thai culture and society during the present period under King Rama IX. The implementation of the Self-sufficiency Economy and other royal projects.

GE 1102 - Introduction to Philosophy

History of Western, Greek, modern, and contemporary philosophy, focusing on metaphysics, epistemology, life value and application

GE 1202 - Fundamental Psychology

Definition and importance of information literacy skills, values of information, determination of information need, selection of effective techniques in gathering information, evaluation, syntheses information utilization, media literacy

GE 1203 - Society, Politics and Economics

Culture and relationship between culture and individual, factors in social and cultural changes, social changes, contemporary social problems and social control, political and economic functions, the causes and consequences of World War I, II and the Cold War, political and economic changes, globalization and related problems

GE 1301 - Environmental Science

General science, scientific approaches, understanding the interrelationships of the nature, identification and analysis of environmental problems, application and alternative solutions for preventing and solving environmental problems

GE 1405 - Thai Language and Culture

Thai language for basic communication, basic knowledge in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Thai cultural and traditional patterns, ways of life, festivals and local culture in different parts of Thailand.

GE 2101 - World Civilization

Development of human society, rise and fall of civilizations, achievements and heritages of Western and Eastern civilizations since ancient times in order to understand their roots; globalization impacts on modern societies; cross-cultural society

GE 2103 - Art of Reasoning

Fundamental analysis of logical elements and rational applications for daily life emphasizing on deductive and inductive methods of validity and fallacy

GE 2206 - Personality Development 

Improvement of one’s self-confidence and self-esteem, think positively towards themselves, how to make friends, international table manners, dressing up oneself to match one’s personality, keeping healthy, applying makeup, public speaking, interpersonal relationship skills

GE 2301 - Lifestyles in Dynamic World

The relationship between lifestyle choices and impacts of these choices on individual’s health and the global environment, scientific approaches to nutrition, supplements, sleep, rest, exercise, and sexuality. Evaluation of individual healthy and eco- friendly lifestyles

Full List of Our Courses

  • GE 1101 Thai Civilization

  • GE 1102 Introduction to Philosophy

  • GE 2101 World Civilization

  • GE 2103 Art of Reasoning

  • GE 2104 Thai Buddhism

  • GE 2105 Introduction to World Religion

  • GE 2106 Logic Thinking and Application

  • GE 2107 Applied Philosophy in Social       Science and Humanities

  • GE 1201 Information and Literacy Skills

  • GE 1202 Fundamental Psychology

  • GE 1203 Society, Politics and Economic

  • GE 1204 Physical Education

  • GE 1205 ASEAN ways

  • GE 1206 Philosophy of Sufficiency Economy

  • GE 2202 Ethics


  • ​​GE 2203 Art of Living

  • GE 2205 Communication and Multicultural Society

  • GE 2206 Personality Development

  • GE 2207 Sport, Health and Wellness Development

  • GE 2208 Thai Politics and Government

  • GE 1301 Environmental Science

  • GE 2301 Lifestyles in Dynamic World

  • GE 2302 Climate Change and Human Life

  • GE 2303 Building Brilliant Brain

  • GE 1403 Communication in Thai

  • GE 1405 Thai Language and Culture

  • GE 1406 Burmese Language

  • GE 1407 Russian Language

  • GE 1408 Thai Usage

  • GE 3401 Public Speaking in Thai

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